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Women’s Hats for All Occasions

Can we all agree that the perfect women’s hats tie outfits together? The perfect hat is a fashion statement. And, the perfect hat makes you feel great. Want to find the perfect hat? I’m going to help you!   The hat is a trendy accessory […]

Jewelry Trends on Fashion Radar for Summer 2017

Want to know what’s trending hot on the jewelry scene? Ladies! Bijou Alert! Stay tuned for this installation of the Fashion Radar with a focus on the latest jewelry Trends. With every new season, my inner shopaholic doesn’t simply rest. Rosie the Shopper indulges a […]

11 Workwear Key Fashion Staples to Smarten Up Your Powerful Lady Boss Vibes

Do you have a job? Work in an office? Are you a woman? This workwear article is for you!

We all want to make our workwear attire send the right message. I want to look powerful and commanding and give the keen lady boss vibes! Well, if you ask me, giving your attire a sharp and bold lady boss persona isn’t that hard. All it takes is confidence and all the right workwear staples. I’ve picked out all the workwear essentials that you'll need to stun your co-workers and bosses with your lady boss charm.

Let's take a look:


Shift Dresses

New to shift dresses? Get excited! In case you aren’t sure about its details, a shift dress is a short dress that is more modest in showing your body shape. These dresses were glamorized by style icons Jacqueline Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn in the ‘50s and ‘60s. They tend to be plain with A-line skirts, empire waists, and may be sleeveless. Shift dresses are a must-have for workwear. They brim up your statement with elegance and polished grace. You can flaunt these shift dresses with sharp blazers, stockings, and black Jimmy Choo’s.

Sharply Structured Blazers

A woman simply cannot amplify her lady boss vibes at work if she doesn’t own enough different designs and colors in sharp blazers. Consider these dark hued blazers to set the tone for formal dressing. Pair them up with your statement blouses, pencil skirts, sheath dresses, and ankle pants.

Mix in variety with neutral tones, such as black, blue, white, nude, tan, and browns. You can also be a trendsetter at work by sneaking in designs such as military-style blazers, cardigan jackets, leather blazers, and squared-shoulders.

Structured Totes

The importance of a structured and dark-hued tote simply cannot be denied. It is vital to infuse your lady boss vibes with contemporary chicness. Totes allow a working woman like you to carry belongings in style, while also speaking volumes about your style savviness and vogue. Consider investing in brands such as Michael Kors, Coach, Givenchy, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Celine. For more accessories check out some of my summer accessories ideas!

Pencil Bodycon

Whoever invented bodycon-fit pencil dresses did womankind a HUGE favor! These dresses allow us to play up our curves without worrying about minor imperfections. A pencil dress is just what a woman needs to slim down her waist and give her curvature a structured appeal. I think I own an endless variety of pencil dresses and use them to break the monotony of blazers and suits with its ravishing curve-highlighting fit. I adore how pencil dresses allow us to strike all the right chords of sexiness without compromising any of the cardinal rules of workwear elegance.

Big-Dial Watch

A high-end designer watch featuring a big glossy dial is a must-have accessory for the working woman. A bold watch smartens up a working woman's personality and style. Select the right watch to seal all your workwear statements and expect a designer watch to infuse your outfit with powerful lady boss vibes.

Sheath Dresses

Sheaths are sharply structured dresses that highlight each and every inch of our curvature. Sheaths cinch up the waist and giving our figures a shapely and proportionate look. These dresses are a must-have trend for work as they make women look incredibly smart, charming, and sharp. Regardless of your profession, you simply can’t go wrong with bold-hued and feminine printed sheath dresses. Color coordinate these with other items using my color composition ideas. Honestly, these work for any and every occasion. Be it a board meeting or a formal lunch with your clients, these dresses will bring out the best in your body!

Pointy-Toe Pumps

The perfect way to complete a smart workwear statement is with a voguishly chic pair of pointy-toe pumps. You can pick out the perfect heel height for your own outfits. I believe that if a woman doesn’t feel comfortable in high heels, she shouldn't force her feet through the ordeal. So, choose your pick from block heeled pumps, kitten heels, stiletto pumps, and the massively trend mule sandals.

Wrap Dresses

These insanely voguish wrap dress drape your curves with chic folds of fabric, which gives your bust a structured appeal, shrouds belly fat and makes the figure look smarter and slimmer. They help women give a sensual fit to their curvy busts, so if you want to strike all the right chords of sensuality at work, you must own these in an endless variety. I strongly urge you to play them up in dark colors like navy blue, maroon, red and berry.

Pencil Skirts

If you want to do justice to your bust and curvature, set a meeting to checkout the sensual elegance of pencil skirts. I love my high-waisted pencil skirt as it tucks in the gently protruding muffin tops, making my waist look petite and curvy. These beauties are your best trick to sneak in some bold colors and prints into your workwear wardrobe. A good pencil skirt perfectly amplifies your lady boss vibes. You can flaunt these beauties with cropped tailored jackets, blazers, chiffon blouses, silk tops, and lots more.

Fit & Flare Workwear

For women who seek to infuse their lady boss vibes with feminine sensuality, fit & flare dresses are their best pick. These voguishly chic dresses have an infectiously charming ladylike-vibe, and they are designed to highlight a femme’s petite waist and slim down her bust with a romantic flare and above-the-knee finish.

Power Suits

The Parisian femmes are some of the most graceful and elegant women in the world! They never shy away from flaunting the boldness of a sharply structured power suit. You see ladies, a moment of menswear can brim up your personality with confidence and boldness as it gives your feminine charm a masculine power.

Be careful to avoid those awkwardly lanky and loose suits, they will only deny the curvature of your body. The trick is to pick out a ravishingly fitted suit with a plunging V-neck. Play up your subtle sensuality and fit your body like second-skin. Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton will treat you to a splendid variety to shop this trend.


That concludes our meeting on workwear key fashion staples. I hope you enjoyed all that I've covered in our session. I'll see you at the water cooler!

It’s all your style!


Rosie Wink

Summer Fashion: What’s Hot on the Trend Radar

Summer Fashion: What’s Hot on the Trend Radar

Summer fashion runways have delighted us with an assortment of trends. Some exude contemporary innovation while others are full of voguish inspiration. Countless trends from the ‘70s and ‘80s are back. For instance, dramatic ruffles, choker-necks, and cocktail sequins. Retro styles have undergone modern revamping. […]

Wedding Fashion Radar: Scoop Up Hottest Trends to Flaunt this Summer

Wedding Fashion Radar: Scoop Up Hottest Trends to Flaunt this Summer

Do you have a summer wedding to attend and need the perfect dress? Summer weddings are all about outdoorsy receptions, garden parties, beach-side affairs, and breezy, summer-friendly style. Rosie believes that the color palette must consist of bright, energetic, feminine and cool hues, such as […]

Swimwear Fashion Radar: Sexiest & Boldest Trends to Rock on the Beach

Swimwear Fashion Radar: Sexiest & Boldest Trends to Rock on the Beach

Want to hit the beach? But not sure how to pull off the sexy and bold latest trends in swimwear?

Stay tuned to this Swimwear Fashion Radar and I'll help you identify the latest hot styles.

It's the official time of the year for Rosie to indulge in beach bumming. I'll lay out to my little heart’s content. Before dreaming about splashing around in the ocean and tanning for months, first I need to start stocking up on all the hottest beachwear trends. If you're ready to rock these sexy and bold swimwear styles like me, let's take a look! From bandeau swimsuits, halters, ruffles, and shoulder-revealing necklines, to high-waist bikinis, jungle prints, bold cross-over straps, and boldly plunging lace-up swimsuits, I’ve picked out a wide variety of swimwear trends to help you flaunt the boldest and sexiest styles of the season.

Are you ready to feast your eyes?


Sultry Cut-Outs

Swimsuits featuring geometric cut-outs, midriff-revealing side-cuts, sheer patches, navel-revealing slits, and all kinds of sultry cut-outs have invaded the swimwear radar with all their glamour and glory. Ladies, these are undoubtedly the hottest trend to brim up your swimwear statement. Bring raw sensuality and do justice to your lusciously shapely curvature with these items. These are designed to support the bust, ravish the figure, and allow you to flaunt your slim waist.


Highly Waisted!

I have fallen utterly and irrevocably in love with high-waisted bikinis! These swimsuits allow me to flaunt the best in my bust and luscious curvature. Truly, these slim up my waist by tucking in that gently protruding muffin top -- thanks to all those endless summer BBQs and cocktails! ,Rock out confidently and with sexy beachwear statement in these. I strongly urge you to stock up these beauties in bright and bold hues, with strappy detailing, printed in fiercely wild jungle patterns, and lace detailing.


Cross-Over Straps

Strappy cross-over necklines, bikini bottoms with side-straps, strappy halters, high-necks and midriff-revealing cross-over swimwear are all the rage this summer. These sexy delights are a splendid trend for an audaciously bold beachwear wardrobe. I adore the confidence it instills in me by playing up the hottest parts of my curvature. Cross-over strap suits lend my profile an edgy, racy glamour. It’s a contemporary trend with a voguishly modern vibe. You have no reason to miss out on its sultry style!


Floral Prints

If you want to give your beachwear a beaming bit of romance and a fine dose of feminine sensuality, invest in heaps of floral prints! You can pick out colorful and bright hues, such as reds, berries, blues, and pastels to amp up the energy of your swimwear look. Remember to brush up on color composition as I explained in my recent article. You can experiment with bold trends to enhance your sensuality. For instance ruffled off-the-shoulders, cold-shoulder slits, and wildly exotic jungle prints.


Retro Fever

Retro, vintage, pin-up designs simply never go out of style. These beauties are just what a girl needs to entice her inner goddess. Create a Marilyn Monroe moment at the beach. If you’re a busty and curvy femme, well, girl, you’ve got to flaunt what yo mamma gave ya with pride and confidence! These sleeveless, strappy, and colorful retro pin-up style bikinis will attract all the right attention to your tantalizing bod!


Sleeveless Alert!

Sleeveless Swimwear

Sleeveless bikini tops and swimsuits are a splendid trick to play up your fine sculpted body. Give your bust an edgy boldness with these voguish delights. Play up your figure, slim out your waist, and allow yourself to strike the hottest pose in these endless beach time selfies.



If you’re the kind of woman who prefers to keep her swimwear statements modest, tankinis are just the trend you seek. These tank top-like bikini tops cover up your torso and some designs even feature a variety of sleeves. You can play up these tanks with off-the-shoulder cuts and ruffles for a style savvy and modern touch.  Pair these up with your shorts and high-waist bikini bottoms. If you plan to show off your new tankini swimwear, consider pairing it with a few key fashion summer accessories.


Tassels & Fringes

Here’s an exotic Boho trend for the fashionistas who are true bohemians at heart! Ladies, tasseled and fringed bikinis or swimsuits have created quite the sensual frenzy on the fashion radar. These exude such divine, earthly vibes on the beach! You must invest in these beaded, tasseled, and fringed delights. They have taken over street style and swimwear runways with their voguish charm and unconventional designs.


Time to Halt!

Halter bikini tops and swimsuits featuring plunging backless designs are all the rage this summer. These beauties put us all at the advantage of lifting up our bust to flaunt lean abs and a toned waist. Halter necks are bold. They exude a powerful confidence that is likely to attract eager eyes to your sexy body on the beach.


Plunging Vs & Lace-Up Swimwear

Deep plunging V-necks with revealing, sexy, lace-up enclosures are a bold and exciting trend on the swimsuit fashion radar. You simply must not miss out on this edgy glamour. This is the perfect trend to play up your curves and reveal tantalizing glimpses of your busty cleavage. You can flaunt this swimwear trend in both, swimsuits and bikini tops. And if you’re headed out for vacation at beach-side destination, don’t forget to stock up this sexy trend to attract an unending pool of foreign beaus. *wink*


Geometric Delights

For those who seek a minimalist, sleek and modern swimwear trend, it simply doesn’t get better than the abstract and artsy glamour of geometric patterns. You can flaunt these delights in monotone and neutral hues. Or get funky with colorful plaid, checkered, triangular, and other geometric designs. You can flaunt this sleekly sexy trend blended with a wide variety of other trends, such as high-waist bikini bottoms, off-the-shoulder tops, and cross-over straps. For more ideas check out other summer accessories to pair.


Off-the-Shoulder Swimwear

This voguishly sexy trend has left no fashion staple immune to its sensual glamour. You must rock it in bikinis and swimsuits. Bikini tops with exaggerated off-the-shoulder cap sleeves, plunging necklines, and ruffled boat necks are all the rage in beachwear all over the world. It is indeed a must-have if you adore flaunting your beautiful arms and shoulders.


Hope you enjoyed this swimwear fashion radar. Lot's more to come soon. Don't forget to contact me if you have any thoughts or ideas for more great posts!

It’s all your style!


Rosie Wink

9 Key Fashion Summer Accessories & Staples

9 Key Fashion Summer Accessories & Staples

Summer is upon us ladies! It’s time to flaunt our skin, stock up bright hues, and entice our bohemian goddess with twirl-worthy skirts, maxi dresses, and thigh-high slits. This season, I spotted trendy new fashion staples and summer accessories you’re going to want. These have […]

Clothing Color Composition – Basics

Clothing Color Composition – Basics

Did you ever wish there was some magic way to make your clothing prettier? But without spending money? Amazingly, I learned the way and it was as simple as Roy G. Biv. I’ll share it with you in just a few easy tips to enhance […]

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Did you ever wish there was some magic way to make your clothing prettier? But without spending money?

Amazingly, I learned the way and it was as simple as Roy G. Biv. I’ll share it with you in just a few easy tips to enhance your fashion without spending a penny!

Color Spectrum

Color is the purest form of expression and pairing colors can make or break your outfit. I have personally observed many occasions in which people grabbed all the attention just because of perfect color composition. No extra expense, just coordination. That’s why I always emphasize the need for familiarity with color theory. Clothing color theory helps us understand the relevance of colors with others to enhance style. Basics clothing color composition will add beauty and color sense to your every outfit. So, get ready to create a stronger awareness of color!

What is Color Theory?

Color changes with hue. Hue is the main property of color and describes color in the way that most people might simply say “red”, “yellow”, or “blue” – it is the pure form of color. Meanwhile other factors such as colorfulness, brightness, and saturation are some of the other aspects of how we describe a color. Intensity and vividness of the color is known as its saturation and when the saturation value changes new colors occur. Red, yellow, and blue are the primary colors which get mixed in different ways to create secondary colors. Secondary colors generate when primary colors get mixed and tertiary colors come into existence on the combination of secondary colors.

We also use the terms “warm” and “cool” for colors. The colors derived from blue hue fall in the category of cool colors and they include light and soothing colors like violet, green, and pink. On the other hand, warm colors emerge from red and yellow tones. Neutral colors don’t cast any strong impression and rarely grab the attention, i.e. black, beige, and olive.

Monochromatic Clothing Color Matching

I am fond of monochromatic color mixing because of the outstanding outcomes. Monochromatic color mixing involves the mixing of two colors from the same family of hues. Three to four degrees of saturation difference is necessary to make the perfect match. Blacker, whiter, and grayer versions of the same colors are used for this purpose. For example, wearing a light blue shirt and a dark blue skirt is the perfect example of monochromatic color matching. Isn’t it easy peasy to achieve? And you’ll always look classic in your clothing!

Analogous Color Matching

So, ladies our next type is analogous color composition and I need a color wheel to help me. If you match colors in such a manner that three colors which are adjacent to each other on the wheel, then you’ve created an analogous color combination. I start by selecting a primary color for my outfit, let’s say orange. amber and vermilion are easily matched due to sharing the same color family. I always prefer the color which is closer to the parent color to avoid the “too much” factor. Keep in mind that one color should be dominant while the other two should serve as supporting colors.

Clothing Color Wheel

Complementary Colors

Complementary color composition is the most exuberant way of color mixing. It is shocking yet you will find yourself drawn to it due to the appealing contrast it creates. The name of this category hints that these colors need to complete each other. Choose colors directly across from each other on the color wheel to make vibrant yet enticing combinations. These draw the eye and give you liberty to match accessories from different colors families. You could achieve a dramatic complementary color look by starting with orange and identifying that blue is its complement. This is a super fun way to create outfits.

Split Color Mixing

Split color mixing brings innovative results. It is generally known as the most flattering color combination. In this technique, first you need to pick a base color from the color wheel. Second pick the color directly adjacent, e.g. red and orange. It’s a more dimensional yet feasible way of color combining perfect outfits. These are ideal for those who enjoy bold choices. I suggest plus-sized women opt for split colors because they give clothing a beautiful shaping effect and add personality.

Triadic Color Clothing Combination

Triadic color combination is the pairing of three colors which are equidistant from each other. I opt for this strategy when I need to decide colors for my multi-colored outfits and floral patterns. One color always remains dominant while the other two act as supporting colors.

Now that you have the secret to color combining, revisit the clothing in your favorite outfits. Try different colors and check out the results for yourself. Isn’t it interesting?

Life is beautiful and colors have made it rich by adding their hues and making everything awe-inspiring. Don’t hesitate to experience new things and match colors on your own. I love mistakes because they lead us to new ideas. Observe different patterns of colors so new ideas come into mind and boost your creativity. You will really feel like a designer and enjoy self-designed outfits. Don’t forget risks are the part of every successful strategy. So, never ruin the fun of color mixing and be brave enough to take bold decisions. Keep type of occasion, age, and body shape in your mind while making a color composition for someone. Play with colors and follow the above mentioned points to match colors like a pro!

It’s all your style!

– Rosie

It’s all your style! <3 Rosie