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Jewelry Trends on Fashion Radar for Summer 2017

Want to know what’s trending hot on the jewelry scene?

Ladies! Bijou Alert! Stay tuned for this installation of the Fashion Radar with a focus on the latest jewelry Trends.

With every new season, my inner shopaholic doesn’t simply rest. Rosie the Shopper indulges a healthy shopping spree, at least until I have amassed all the hottest trends of the season! So after collecting the best summer accessories, it was time to turn to jewelry. This summer, bold, loud, and sassy jewelry are all the rage. Bohemian goddesses are going to be delighted with the variety they get to shop! There are exotic gemstones, soothing minerals, and chunky statement earrings. We'll see one-earring trend, heaps of bracelets, and navel-grazing pendants. It seems that the prevailing style this summer will be that more is always going to be less. Here all the hottest jewelry trends on Rosie's Fashion Radar that you must flaunt this summer.

Shoulder-Grazing Jewelry Statements


I adore flaunting loud and heavy earrings. This summer my happiness knows no bounds for loud and long, shoulder-grazing statement earrings have created quite the fashion frenzy on runways and street style alike. Be it contemporary streetwear, bohemian festivals, or festive black tie affairs, extra-long earrings that brush the neck or shoulders are all the rage. These shoulder-grazing statement earrings can be flaunted with tassels, beads, gemstones, and even religious elements like a glittery diamante-studded crucifix.

Stack It Up, Girl!

Last year was all about stacking up the rings and oh my, how we adored bejeweling our fingers. If you loved that trend as much as I did, you’re in for a wonderfully splendid surprise. This season, runway accessory trends have taught us how to play up our wrists by stacking up bracelets, charms and beads.

If you’re the kind of girl who adores flaunting wrist cuffs, bangles, charms, and bracelets, this is just the trend you need! Ready to heighten up your funky vibes? Stock up heaps of bracelets and start stacking up them on your wrists! The are perfect to match up with the top summer fashion styles.

Fringes & Tassels

Tassels and fringes have invaded the fashion radar with a chic bohemian aplomb. No style staple or accessory, from clothes and shoes, to handbags and jewelry, has remained immune of its earthly charms and Boho vibes.

This summer, tassel earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and all other jewelry items are trending super-hot. You're going to want to flaunt them to your heart’s content. These jewelry items are so amazingly wearable, regardless of the occasion. You can play up their bohemian charm anywhere and everywhere, be it at the beach, on the streets, or a black tie event.

Mineral Magic

There’s an exciting and refreshing new jewelry trend on the block, and I simply cannot hold back from indulging in its natural charm and grace. Ladies, get ready to rock the mineral jewelry trend, which basically allows you to indulge in accessories made with marbles and mineral stones.

This trend has hit hard on the runways and we get to explore an abundance of variety. From neutral tones, angelic whites, and sparkly hues to clean marbles and colorful surfaces, you can shop this trend in necklaces, pendants, earrings, and lots more!

Navel-Grazing Pendants

I never get get bored of fashion. I can live, walk, sleep, and talk fashion. However, some styles do go stale and we want to move on. That has happened for chokers. After five seasons of endless chokers, designers have presented us with the endlessly long navel-grazing pendants! Yay! You'll find these with gemstones, graphic art, metallic designs, and bold engravings

Long pendants are the perfect pieces to play up your suits and pencil dresses at work. And you absolutely must play up their charm in your contemporary streetwear outfits. You can always pick out heavy pendants or keep it minimalist with delicate tiered chains.

Exotic Gems

It appears that bohemian trends and colors have invaded the accessory radar with exotic glamour. This summer, we get to rock an endless variety of beautiful gemstones. From lapis lazuli and rubies to emeralds, crystals feroza, turquoise, and countless others, gemstones have caused quite the glamour frenzy in street style.

You can shop these gemstones in bracelets, rings, necklaces, and statement earrings. Come to think of it, gemstones always look classier and far more exotic than shiny gold or sparkly diamonds.

Religious Glam

Dolce & Gabbana flooded the runways with glamorous and exotic crucifix-style jewelry laden with rare gemstones, diamonds and gold-plating. Crucifix-style jewelry has been revived yet again, and this summer, you need to pick the right pieces to flaunt in both, your contemporary casual wear and black tie. You absolutely must stock up some heavily bejeweled crucifix statement earrings, rings and pendants to give your outfit a bold and rich religious glam.

Beaded Jewelry Beauties

Beading is a timeless and beautiful jewelry trend that gives our outfits an exotic traditional charm. This summer I spotted a generous variety of beaded jewels being paraded on the runways. If you’re the kind of woman who adores add bright colors to her outfit, the beaded jewelry trend has heaps of surprises in store for you.

From beaded necklaces and pendants, to beaded statement earrings, bracelets and lots more! The variety is endless and oh-so-indulgent that it is hard not to fall in love!

Cuff that Arm!

Arm cuffs are trending super-hot on the bijou radar! If you prefer minimalist sleekness over bright beads and colors, this is just the trend you need to amp up your glam. Pick out exotic and artsy graphic shapes, such as snake-shaped cuffs, metallic swirls, music notes, feathery leaves, geometric shapes, and exotic yet simple gemstone designs. Give in to your black tie and night-out statements with the edgy glamour of these bold arm cuffs.

Graphic Studs

A girl needs an abundance of studs to give her everyday style delicate notes of sparkle and bling. Go after studs with unique and eye-catching geometric shapes, funky designs, and earthly vibes. Look for flowers, butterflies, sun, moon, or even the pyramids of Egypt, along with exotic assortments of sharply cut gemstones. These beauties are just what you need to give your workwear outfits a dose of femininity without compromising any of the cardinal rules of formal dressing.


That wraps up my look at the Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends and I have to say that I am excited! Don't forget that there are many more finds in Fashion Jewelry on This bodes well for the upcoming Fall look and there are so many ways to sparkle it up this year.

It’s all your style!

– Rosie

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