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Summer Fashion: What’s Hot on the Trend Radar

Summer Fashion: What’s Hot on the Trend Radar

Summer fashion runways have delighted us with an assortment of trends. Some exude contemporary innovation while others are full of voguish inspiration. Countless trends from the ‘70s and ‘80s are back. For instance, dramatic ruffles, choker-necks, and cocktail sequins. Retro styles have undergone modern revamping.

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Here's the deal:

I adore the this season. Bold and quirky women like me have an abundance of variety to experiment and explore. The opportunities are truly endless! We get to flaunt a lovely myriad of voguish trends, such as bright hues, bold necklines, and strappy cold shoulders, slit sleeves, modern ruffles, glittery sequins, floral embroideries, jungle prints, and lots more.

Before we begin the trend-check, Rosie would like to remind y’all beautiful ladies that beauty is a mixture of self-love, confidence, and bold streaks of femininity!

Shall we feast our eyes on the hottest trends on this Summer Fashion Radar?


Boldly Bright

Summer fashion runways have showcased a stunning assortment of bold and bright hues.  Rosie is loving the colorful options, endorsed by this confidence-igniting color palette. Ladies, you need to start stocking up on energetic shades such as feisty reds, sunny yellows, cool blues, deep berries, maroons, chocolate browns, and even neon pastels. Come to think of it, this is a splendid trick to beat the heat and fill up your wardrobe with summer-friendly colors!

Modern Ruffles

Suddenly, this summer, the fashion runways began endorsing voguish ‘80s trends with a delicate and modern finish. I couldn’t help but fall in love with their romantic femininity. This is a wonderful shift from the unwearable and unflattering assortment of overly dramatic ruffles that walked down the runways during the past three seasons. This is a trend that I wholeheartedly recommend to my athletic-shaped beauties. It will give their lean and slim figure the illusion of tantalizing curves!

Dazzlingly Sequined

Sequins are the hottest fashion trend to spot at your favorite cocktail hour gatherings. The sleekly sexy ‘70s-inspired cocktail dresses are back with a massively glamorous bang! Gals, give your summer club hopping trips, partying, and beach side raves a boldly sequined vibe in these sharply structured cocktail dress. They will drape your curves with a sleek pencil fit, highlighting your slim waist and playing up your luscious curvature. Seriously, what’s not to love?

Bohemian Chords

Here’s a little something to entice my gypsy goddesses. Bohemian trends and patterns are always trending hot on the Fashion Radar. If you’re the kind of woman who seeks to envelop her femininity with earthly vibes and exotic prints, then get ready! You’ll rejoice with the beauty of exotic paisley prints, traditional designs, embroideries, motifs and earthly colors.


Against all the prevailing fashion predictions, the delightfully bold trend of off-the-shoulder continues to reign over the Fashion Radar. In fact, it has soared new heights of boldness this summer. Gone are the modest cold shoulder patches and in their place remains audaciously bold necklines, deeply plunging V-necks, shoulder revealing boat-necks, slanted necklines, strappy cold shoulders, shoulder slits, and lots more. I simply adore the fact that these innovative and modern, shoulder-revealing trends are oh-so summer friendly and chic! Pair your shoulder baring new tops with some perfect summer accessories and rock it out!

Sensually, Silk.

Tantalizingly sensual and romantically sexy silk slip dresses have been raging hot since the past two seasons. This summer their voguish chicness has soared to new heights. Designers have enticed us bold fashionistas by revamping these sultry and strappy silk dresses. Look for trends like delicate ruffles, off-the-shoulder, and midriff revealing cut-outs. I absolutely and utterly adore their summer-friendly vibe. They are such a splendid pick to rock those summer-time festivities without having to endure those awful pools of sweat trickling down your back.

Garden Party

Summer fashion is all about flaunting the romantic femininity of gorgeous floral prints and embroideries. These are the perfect trick to sneak in some color into an otherwise monotonous streak of neutral workwear outfits. Colorful floral designs allow you to flaunt a breezy statement. You can safely stock up these beauties in your casual, formal, black tie, and contemporary street wear. Consider brimming up your wardrobe with floral bikinis, maxi dresses, and daywear sheaths for energetic and serene summertime statements.

Vintage Fetish, Anyone?

It seems that this summer designers have created a fabulous vintage revival. Trends from the glorious ‘20s, ‘70s, and ‘80s are back on the summer fashion radar. Get ready to start flaunting a voguish variety of gilded gold, ruffled, and sequined strappy dresses. These beautifully beaded, sequined and bejeweled mid-length dresses are just what you need to give yourself a Great Gatsby-inspired glamour.

One-Shoulder Glam

Ladies, behold the most glamorously sleek trend on the minimalist fashion radar! One-shoulder sleeves are all the rage this season, and I adore flaunting this trend with sharply structured short dresses and pencil-fit sheaths. It has such a gloriously breezy, summer-friendly vibe, and you must pick up this style to place some minimalist glam in your black tie, festive, casual, and contemporary wardrobe. Have a peek at its sleekness with angelic white, neutral black and blue, and of course, rosy nudes and pastels.

Notes on Pink for Summer Fashion

I spotted an amazing assortment of over fifty shades of pink! Ranging from blush, neon pink, nude, rose gold, hot pink, sequined pink, glittery pinks, baby pink, peachy pink, pastels, and lots more. If you’re a pink lover, girl, now’s the best season to indulge your love for this energetically quirky hue (for more on color coordination check out my article on color composition). And if you’re the kind of girl who’s been avoiding pink due to certain nonsensical age and societal appropriateness dilemmas, now's the time to no longer let that hold you back! It's time to flaunt the vibrancy and youthfulness of pink.


So ladies, these are all the summer fashion trends that you deserve to stock up in your wardrobe this summer, and the variety is endless, so enjoy all the right opportunities to explore and experiment with innovative and vintage styles. Remember, feeling beautiful and confident is an essential step to looking glamorous.

It’s all your style!


Rosie Wink